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With the destruction of the notion of a block schedule next year, out went the idea for continuing the creative writing class taught by Karen McMahon!
This class is ESSENTIAL for not only aspiring young writers but for the well-being of the school. I, personally, have learned how to write much more expressively and intuitively since taking that class.

Students of BHHS, please help us bring back this class by spreading the word of interest in it's teachings!

Thank You,
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I've already spoken to a bunch of people........and i'm not even IN the class!!! I can't believe they are doing this, its crazy. They finally give us a Creative Writing class and now they take it away? I mean, there's probably no real reason why other than "There has to be cuts". In my book, Creative writing should be a course, not an elective. If they slowly keep taking away the stuff that actually matters to us (i.e. Music, Drama, Writing, etc) then what are we gonna be left with?? A focused viewpoint on the "fundamentals" which we'll probably never use. They're depriving us of opportunities to get us where we want to go. I'm not happy with our school system right now. And the sad part is, if we the students can realize this, Why can't they?!
didnt you hear, there is NOT going to be block scheduling next year. I know i get it but they found out a week ago.
Yay creative writing! It lives as well... and just so you know, you can still get an elective credit from it if you've already taken it the year before!